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School Exams: Digital Shift Insights

Discover how digital transformation is shaping the future of school exams with insights from PA Consulting and experts.

Tackling the Digital Divide in Assessments | Café Chat

Discussing solutions to bridge the digital divide in assessments with remote proctoring and innovative access strategies.

AI in Education: Navigating the Future | Café Chat

Discover the evolving role of AI in education, its benefits, and the debates it sparks among educators and policy makers.

Multi-Modal Testing in Global Exams

Uncover the shift to Multi-Modal Testing with global experts. Learn about hybrid solutions and securing equitable testing experiences.

Remote Proctoring Insights | Secure Online Exams

Dive into remote proctoring with expert insights on ensuring exam security and optimising test taker experience.

Ensuring Quality & Compliance in Computer-Based Testing

Explore how we ensure quality compliance in computer-based tests, including online security and innovative remote delivery.

Exploring AI in Assessment: A British Council Case Study

Discover how AI transforms assessments with our case study on AI machine raters and their impact in education.

Accessibility in English Testing Programmes

Dive into how the British Council integrates EDI and accessibility in testing, ensuring inclusive computer-based assessments.

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