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Café Chat: From paper to screen

As the assessment sector prepares to take on one of the biggest shifts in testing to date, our expert panel shares recent research conducted by PA Consulting.

Café Chat: The digital divide

With the recent exponential growth of remote proctoring, the assessment industry is grappling with a potential digital divide.

Café Chat: Artificial intelligence: Friend or foe?

Artificial intelligence within education and assessment is here to stay, but there appears to be a growing and quite vocal pushback on its use.

Café Chat: Multi-Modal testing

Discover how our speakers navigated the introduction and delivery of multi-modal testing during the pandemic, through a series of case study examples.

Café Chat: Remote proctoring

Learn more about remote proctoring and get tips for delivering a secure exam experience while balancing the needs of your test takers and stakeholders.

Café Chat: Ensuring quality and compliance in a computer-based world

Discover our approach to monitoring quality and compliance in in-centre computer-based test environments.   

Café Chat: Artificial intelligence in assessment - a case study

Find out more about the potential applications of Artificial Intelligence in assessment from our East Asia Assessment Solutions Team.

Café Chat: Accessibility in large-scale testing programmes

A discussion around the approach to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in Aptis, the British Council’s computer-based test.

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