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Café Chat: The digital divide

With the recent exponential growth of remote proctoring, the assessment industry is grappling with a potential digital divide.

With the exceptional growth of remote proctoring during the pandemic, the threat of a looming digital divide is something the assessment industry has been grappling with.

The challenge for the assessment industry is how do we ensure that we offer candidates, who don’t have the usual means (either equipment or ‘suitable space’), access to technology enabled assessment solutions such as remote proctoring, if that is their preferred or only option to access assessment opportunities.

What adaptations can be made? We need to find solutions to prevent a digital divide as a priority.

Our panel of expert speakers – Luke Brymer (Meazure Learning), Fiona Mitchell (British Council) and Paul Muir (British Council) were led in conversation by Tim Burnett (Consultant and Chair to the e-Assessment Association) to discuss this important and fast evolving topic.

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