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Applications now closed

About British Council Exam Services Research Grants

If you are a researcher and focusing on education, assessment and technology, we have launched brand new research grants to fund 9 to 12-month-long research projects in this field.

The call for proposals is now closed, and will open again in January 2024.

The grants aim to contribute to the validation and innovation in testing delivery practice and support researchers around the world to conduct and disseminate the highest quality of research.

We have extensive experience of delivering exams for schools, universities and professional associations. The grants are an extension of this work and complement and broaden our existing testing and assessment research agenda.

Who can apply?

Educational institutions and suitably qualified individuals are invited to apply.

We will also encourage applications from test users interested in understanding how tests impact on their institution.

The Principal Investigator must be associated with an educational institution or recognised research organisation, similar in standing to the institutions recognised by UKRI.

Please note that all contracts for research projects issued by the British Council are subject to the laws of England and Wales; this is regardless of the geographic location of applicants and where the research will take place.

Innovation and test delivery

Technological advances are having a significant impact at all stages of the test cycle.

Innovations in testing processes and practice have implications for accessibility, administration and security for test takers and test users.

To support quality service and the secure provision of tests, we would like to invite research proposals that explore issues to do with test delivery.

We welcome projects that focus on high-stakes exams which we deliver on behalf of educational organisations and awarding bodies.

Consideration will also be given to studies addressing issues outside of the areas of interest if they can demonstrate impact in the area of test delivery.

Areas of interest 2023

Financial support

Financial support for individual projects will, in principle, be limited to a maximum of £30,000.

  • Please note that grants will be evaluated based on value-for-money in the given context.
  • Applications for extensive travel or large items of equipment will not be supported.
  • Applications should not at this stage include requests for funding for conference presentations; if completion of the research project results in acceptance of a paper at an international conference, we will consider supporting the attendance of one of the authors through a separate application.

If you have questions about the research grants, please contact the grants team.

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