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As part of our multi-modal approach to exams delivery, we provide online proctoring (remote proctoring) solutions that enable exams to be taken securely by candidates in a location of their choice.

We offer a range of secure, flexible and scalable solutions in partnership with our market-leading technology partners.

  • Confidence and security

    Our solutions, combined with 85 years of on-the-ground test delivery experience ensures highly secure and easily accessible online proctoring solutions for your assessments.
  • Flexibility and multi-modal delivery

    We offer automated, record and review and ‘live’ online proctoring, with the flexibility to offer this alongside our global test centre provision.
  • Multi-language support

    Our online proctoring hubs are situated across the world, and in conjunction with our 25,000 test day personnel, we can offer multi-language online proctoring services.
  • Scalability

    Our online proctoring services allow you to run high volume exams, utilising our global hubs on a ‘follow-the-sun’ model.

We can offer exams in time-zones to meet your candidates’ needs while ensuring your exam security model is maintained.

Across the world, we recognise candidates will have access to differing levels of technology, power reliability and connectivity.

Our multi-modal approach and technology partners work to ensure no learner is left behind and our assessment solutions can work in any part of the world.

What does this mean for your candidates?

Our advanced online proctoring services mean that your candidates can continue their professional qualifications with greater choice and flexibility.

Working with us means you can offer them:

  • opportunity to continue their qualification with minimal disruption
  • more flexible payment and scheduling of their exam
  • use of their own computer
  • certainty of the security of the exam environment monitored by experienced invigilators.
The integrity of our exams are critical to learners and stakeholders - and the work the British Council do to make sure our tests are delivered securely is an essential part of our work.

Pearson Education on working with us

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Market-leading online proctoring solutions for your exams

Through our globally dispersed and dedicated live remote proctoring hubs, we can onboard exams candidates and proctor exams in real-time:

  • live: real-time invigilation by experienced invigilators
  • record and review: a post-exam review of flagged incidents by experienced invigilators
  • fully automated: real-time AI-supported invigilation.
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