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The assessment world is constantly evolving. Let us support you.

Whether it is the latest adaptation in artificial intelligence, the move to digital credentialing or new technologies to support the integrity and security of your assessments, we are positioned front and centre of changes in the education and assessment sector. 

Our technology and innovation teams will share their experience and understanding of the latest developments to help you deliver the optimal experience for your candidates.

Partnering for success

We are technology agnostic and have formed strong alliances with some of the most innovative technology companies in the market.

Leading in-house research

We work with in-house academics in our Assessment Research Group (ARG), who are at the cutting edge of academic research in the latest innovations and use of technology in assessment.

Find out about our Assessment Research Group (ARG).

Key member of assessment and innovation community

We are at the heart of a global community working within assessment innovation and improvement.

Through our board membership of associations such as the e-Assessment Association and Association of Test Publishers to our own Assessment Research Group and Café Chat series of webinars, we remain ahead of the latest in assessment innovation.

We actively collaborate with key partners within the technology-enabled assessment community.

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Our teams of experts and partners are ready to help you understand the range of possibilities and offer you bespoke advice to suit your qualifications.

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