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Assessment Delivery Services

The right qualifications can open a world of opportunities for your candidates.

Our comprehensive range of flexible, multimodal assessment services are designed to fit the needs of your specific qualifications so you can give your candidates their best shot at success.

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Global Exam Delivery Network | Secure & Extensive Reach

Leverage our Global Exam Delivery Network for secure, multilingual exams in over 100 countries. Tailored solutions available.

Optimised Exam Delivery Solutions | Global Exams Services

Discover top Exam Delivery Solutions with Online Proctoring, Security, and Multi-modal Assessments tailored for you.

Global Test Centre Delivery Network

Discover our Test Centre Delivery Network, offering online proctoring, exam security, and global solutions.

Secure Online Proctoring Services

Discover British Council's online proctoring services for secure, flexible exams. Ideal for remote exam solutions and scheduling.

Optimise Exam Security & Integrity with us

Elevate your qualifications with our Exam Security Solutions, Online Proctoring, and Integrity Standards.

Expert Exam Account Management Services

Discover expert exam account management for seamless, technology-enabled assessments and worldwide exam delivery.

Exam Reporting for Global Assessments

Explore how Real-time Exam Reporting offers transparency, strategic insights, and improved efficiencies in global exam delivery.

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Our assessment solutions team is always available to help you navigate the complexities of your exam delivery requirements, from initiation to execution. Get in touch with our team of experts to find out more.

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Professional Exam Delivery Services

Ensure success with our Exam Delivery Services for professional bodies, featuring online proctoring and global reach.

University Exam Services | Global Delivery & Support

Expand global access to your exams with our University Exam Services, featuring online proctoring and secure delivery.

School Exam Services for UK Qualifications

Discover top-tier School Exam Services for UK qualifications. Providing global educational support and seamless exam delivery.

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