Global network

Benefit from our extensive centre network and experience in multi-modal exam delivery. 

Benefits for clients

  • On-the-ground support and expertise

    We have more than 25,000 exam staff, including invigilators and supervisors across the world.
  • Extensive exam delivery network

    We can run your in-centre exams in over 100 countries and also have multi-lingual online proctoring services in multiple time zones.
  • Local teams and tailor-made solutions

    With our exam staff on the ground we can help you understand local markets and contexts and develop bespoke solutions for your qualifications.

We deliver approximately 4.5 million assessments every year for UK and international awarding organisations and education institutions across professional, university, English language and school examinations.

We offer high-stakes, session-based and scheduled on-demand exams.

Trust us to help you grow

Whether you wish to expand your qualifications to a new city, a new country or unlock opportunities on entire new continents, our on-the-ground staff are able to help you understand local contexts by providing you with information and reports on:

  • awareness of government policies, regulations in the education and assessment fields
  • insights into the aspirations of the local population
  • awareness of local competitors and professional institutions
  • introductions to potential local partners in education and training
  • opportunities to participate in local British Council activities such as seminars, exhibitions and events.

Online proctoring

Through our network of multi-lingual online proctoring services we can cover multiple time zones across the globe. This gives candidates flexibility and choice.

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Test centre delivery

An extensive exam delivery network for high-stakes, session-based and scheduled on-demand exams.

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Discover our online collaboration space to find out more about the latest developments within the assessment community - a place for discussion and innovation.

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