Real-time exam reporting

Full visibility at every step

Whether you are conducting large-volume, simultaneous exams across multiple venues or providing assessments for individual candidates, we offer exam delivery with full transparency over every step of the process

  • A global view of your exams in progress

    Get up-to-the minute business intelligence and valuable data on the status of your exams.
  • Check pre-exam readiness

    You will enjoy visibility over your exam venues and all exam systems to give you the confidence that everything is ready for your assessments.
  • Data and strategic insights

    Data reporting provides strategic insights to help you make decisions, improve efficiencies and identify opportunities for growth.

Our transparent approach to exam delivery includes a live dashboard and reporting app that shows the status of all your exams across our global network – no matter the delivery method.

You will be able to see every step in real time whether your assessments are occurring online or in an exam centre.

Benefits of real-team reporting

Meeting our client’s needs is essential to our delivery service. Our real-time reporting means that we can:

  • continuously improve and evolve the candidate experience
  • provide you with the confidence that every service is being accurately delivered
  • allow for accurate trend analysis to optimise processes.

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