Real-time reporting

Quality and timely information about exam delivery across the globe

We work with a diverse range of global clients delivering their assessments from large-volume simultaneous exams to bespoke arrangements for single candidates.


  • A global view of your exams in progress

    Get up-to-the minute business intelligence and quality data on the status of your exams.
  • Check pre-exam readiness

    Gives you visibility that your exam venues are ready and all exam systems are ready for your assessments to be delivered.
  • Data and strategic insights

    Our data reporting will provide strategic insights to help you make decisions and find opportunities for growth and efficiencies. 

Our transparent approach to exam delivery is demonstrated by our live dashboard and reporting application.

It shows the status of all your exams across our global network no matter the delivery method, including online proctoring and in-centre delivery. 

Benefits of real-team reporting

Real-time reporting helps us to ensure that our clients' needs are at the heart of our service delivery. It enables us to:

  • continuously improve and evolve the candidate experience
  • provide our clients with assurance and confidence that services are delivered
  • allow for accurate trend analysis to optimise processes.