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Technology and innovation

We help you understand the rapidly evolving assessment industry and are committed to leveraging the latest advances to your benefit.

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We are passionate about how technology can support, enhance and increase educational opportunities for learners.

Our deep understanding of technology-enabled assessment in combination with our wide network of technology partners allow us to offer the latest bespoke digital solutions to our clients.

We have years of experience in education and assessment and consult closely to find out what solution best fits your needs. We can adapt fast, resolve pain points and provide access to operational data in real-time, test-day insight and cost efficiencies.

Innovations in assessment and learning

Our technology partners

We partner with the leading and most innovative technology companies in assessment across the world.

Delivering innovation

Our team will share their experience and understanding of the latest developments in assessments to help you deliver the optimal experience for your candidates.

Artificial intelligence

AI is increasingly used to secure the test day experience through use of facial recognition software and document verification.


We will work with you to help define requirements, design supporting processes and ultimately identify technology solutions to support the unique delivery of your assessments.

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Discover our online collaboration space to find out more about the latest developments within the assessment community - a place for discussion and innovation.

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