Our technology partners

We partner with the leading and most innovative technology companies in assessment across the world.

Benefits of working with us

  • Technology agnostic

    We can offer our clients a truly bespoke solution without the ties to a pre-determined technology solution.
  • Consultancy

    We work closely with you and our technology partners to truly understand your requirements and propose integrated technology solutions to meet your needs.
  • Breaking the digital divide

    We believe the move to technology in assessment should not prejudice those without access to technology.

Like us, our partners are passionate about education and ensuring that all students can access life-changing assessments.

We work with our technology partners to ensure no learner is left behind and solutions can work in any part of the world. 

Our key partners

Our choice of partners reflects our values and approach to assessment in an ever-evolving world of technology enabled assessment.

Due to our agnostic approach to technology in assessment, we have the ability to integrate alternative solutions and work with other partners.

Our partners in online proctoring

Our technology enabled assessment partners

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Our global team of experts help you to understand the range of assessment possibilities from both a global and uniquely local context.

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Exam services for professional bodies

Partner with us to drive your international assessment strategy and provide a world-class exams experience.

Exam services for universities

Trust us to grow your overseas presence and deliver your exams ensuring equitable access for all your students.

Exam services for schools

We help schools deliver UK international school qualifications and work with three UK awarding bodies to provide exam delivery services and operational support.