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New Directions East Asia 2023 - conference in Vietnam about the future of English language assessment

New Directions, 27-29 October 2023

Hanoi, Vietnam

New Directions in English Language Assessment is the British Council’s flagship language testing and assessment conference. It is aimed at education and testing practitioners, policymakers and implementers, and other stakeholders with an interest in the role of assessment in education systems.

The conference provides perspectives and insight on trends and approaches in English language assessment at a local, regional, and international level. This year’s edition will specifically be looking to the future of assessment as a driver of learning and education system reform.

Since being established in 2013, the conference has celebrated ten editions, with the latest being held in Denpasar, Indonesia in December 2022.

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Going Global: Towards sustainable, scalable and equitable partnerships in tertiary education

20 - 22 November, Edinburgh, Scotland

Can we radically rethink international tertiary education so that it better addresses global and national challenges by fostering more equitable connections, mutual learning and understanding? What is the role of internationalisation in fostering innovation and change?

Going Global is our conference for leaders in international education, bringing them together to share their views and debate the future of further and higher education.

Due to limited capacity, attendance is by invitation only.

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Image displaying text: The Future of English - Global perspectives and a group of people

The Future of English

Future of English research publication

We invited 92 senior level policy makers and policy influencers from 49 countries to take part in horizon-scanning about the future of English based on their future priorities and needs.

The result of this consultation, our first, global Future of English publication launched on 18 April and presents perspectives on the future of English from around the world, reflecting on the following topics:

  • Will English remain the world’s most sought-after language?
  • What role will English play in our multilingual reality?
  • What is the future of English as a medium of education?
  • How will teachers remain relevant in future English language learning systems?
  • Public and private English language provision: who has the answers?
  • Can English language assessment meet stakeholders’ changing needs?
  • Can technology narrow the equity gap in English language education?
  • To what extent is employment driving the future of English?

What does this mean for the future of English language assessment and the role of technology in language learning and assessment?

One of the studies’ recommendations pertinent to language assessment is that Language Education systems should continuously review the approach to assessing English proficiency.

At Global Exams Services, we work to ensure that assessment practices stay relevant for today’s study, work and social interactions, as well as meeting employers, professional and awarding bodies’ requirements whilst being mindful of digital equity.

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